…“it’s the eye of the lotus, it’s the thrill of the fight, living up to the challenge of our rivals…”


That’s the campaign name. Eye of the Lotus.


Anyway. Here’s some blurb.

Shangapore. The city that rarely sleeps. And in the city that rarely sleeps there’s a million dreams.That’s a lot of dreams for so little sleep. That’s how committed they are. A million dreams like small fluffy clouds covering the gaping pit of one giant nightmare! But even a single point of light can push back the darkness and Shangapore has been blessed with a handful of little lights. Little hero lights who’ll keep her fluffy dreams safe. Safe, like a dog guards a flock of sheep from the wolf. But not lying down and waiting for the wolf to come and start eating sheep-dreams, oh no. They are the kind of hero-dog-lights who go out looking for the wolf darkness in nightmare’s clothing and kick it’s ass out of the city!… Shangapore has a saying, so they say Hitachi Heihatchi which they say means No Money. No Life. Some say. It’s a rough, tough place to live that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. So, if you can make it here, then… why bother going anywhere else! And you can trick me once then fool is on. me? But trick me again and…you can’t trick… with the fool… again?

  • Shangapore. Because if not now. When?

Shangapore: The Eye of the Lotus

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