• Argyle st Clair

    Argyle st Clair

    Steadfast and loyal man servant to Sir Charles Lytton.
  • Charlie


  • Chun Li

    Chun Li

    Sultry Club Singer & Hostess at Joe's Bar
  • David Lo Pan

    David Lo Pan

    Transport Magnate
  • Eddy Edison

    Eddy Edison

    Vigilante Detective.
  • Jean-Jacques Desouza

    Jean-Jacques Desouza

    Debonair and worldly, the multilingual editor-in-chief of the Shangapore Whisperer thrives as an information broker to the highest bidder, while hiding a mysterious past filled with scandal and espionage.
  • Lucy Doraine

    Lucy Doraine

    1920's Flapper.
  • Odd Job Jones.

    Odd Job Jones.

    Adventurer and Defender of the Weak.
  • Shan-Po.


  • Sir Charles Lytton

    Sir Charles Lytton

    Charming and sophistcated, Sir Charles Lytton is the archetypal "Gentleman Criminal". After travelling across the world, Sir Charles  decided to relocate his affairs to the far east, to sample the culture, the nightlife and it's many hidden treasures.