Argyle st Clair

Steadfast and loyal man servant to Sir Charles Lytton.


Argyle st Clair is the brilliant valet/man servant to Sir Charles Lytton. He is firmly in control of his rich and cavalier employer’s life. When Sir Charles gets into an unwanted social obligation, legal trouble, or engagement to marry, Argyle invariably comes up with a subtle plan to save him, often without Sir Charles’s knowledge.

Argyle is known for his convoluted yet precise speech and for quoting from Shakespeare and famous romantic poets. In his free time, he likes to relax with “improving” books such as the complete works of Spinoza, or to read “Dostoyevsky and the great Russians”. He “glides” or “shimmers” in and out of rooms and may appear or disappear suddenly and without warning. His potable concoctions, both of the alcoholic and the morning-after variety, are legendary.

Argyle frequently displays mastery over a vast range of subjects, from philosophy (his favourite philosopher being Spinoza, as he finds Nietzsche “fundamentally unsound”) through an encyclopaedic knowledge of poetry, science, history, psychology, geography, politics, and literature. He is also a “bit of a whizz” in all matters pertaining to gambling, car maintenance, etiquette, and women. However, his most impressive feats are a flawless knowledge of the British aristocracy and making antidotes (especially for hangovers). He states that his mental prowess is attributed to eating fish.


Argyle st Clair

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